6 Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Cancer is a disease people keep dying from and that number increases at an alarming rate. The American Cancer Society said that around¬†75,000 people will suffer from cancer in 2017 and around 15,000 will die. Now, this is a huge number and we all know that you don’t want to be a part of that number. So we present you the 7 symptoms of bladder cancer that you should keep an eye out.

Blood In Urine

This is the most common symptom and it happens because the lower part of the body is damaged and it starts bleeding on the inside. The amount of blood will not be the same but the more blood in the urine the worst. This can also lead to kidney stones.

Swollen Feet

Usually, body changes and pregnancy can cause swollen feet. But if your feet are swollen for no apparent reason see a doctor as fast as you can.

 Inability To Urinate

One of the common signs of bladder cancer is the inability to urinate. If urinating is painful that means something is really wrong with your bladder. See a doctor right away before it’s too late.

Pelvic Pain

When bladder cancer spreads to other body parts it will cause pain. If it comes to pelvic pain it means the situation is serious.

Pain During Urination

We talked about the inability to urinate. But if you can urinate and feel pain while doing it it’s a sure sign of bladder cancer. This discomfort should be checked out by a professional.

Lower Back Pain Only On One Side

We all know that many health issues can cause lower back pain. Bladder cancer targets specifically one side of the lower back. If the pain is persistent you should react quickly before the pain spreads.

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